Day 13 – Opening the treasure chest

Written by Ioana Leu.

One day left to go, yet still most of us feel like they have only just peeked into the South African treasure chest, as there are many more marvels lying inside, waiting to be discovered.

However, today we found two of the most precious jewels: inspiration and unparalleled beauty. The first was the revelation of this morning, when we all gathered in the dining room of our hostel in order to come up with ideas for follow-up projects. Each participant took up his or her role of multiplier, preparing to share the impressions gathered here and have an active role in achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals. Inspired by the discussions we have had on the MDGs in the past two weeks, we did a brainstorming session and came up with a three-flip-chart-load of ideas. Then, discussing the feasibility and the urgency of the possible projects, we voted and democratically narrowed down the selection to five, which will be further elaborated tomorrow.

In the afternoon we went on to marvel at the sight of the second jewel- unparalleled beauty, by climbing on top of Table Mountain in Cape Town. We challenged our muscles to climb the rocky boulders for over an hour and eventually arrived on the plateau sweaty, tired and short of breath. Heavy clouds were hanging above the flat ground covered by rocks, brownish plants and puddles, giving the place a Lord-of-the-Rings-like atmosphere. But once the clouds scattered and revealed the breathtaking view over Cape Town, Lion´s Head and the infinite horizons of the ocean, everybody forgot about their tiredness and the cold. It is difficult to describe this kind of beauty with words.

In the evening, trying hard not to get distracted by the sunset and the dusk view over the city below, flooded in soft light, we hurried down and arrived at the road leading to town just after nightfall, again sweaty and tired, but with a vast load of wonderful mental (and digital) pictures.

A picture says more than a 1000 words…


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