Day 11 – Taking the MDGs to the streets

Written by Tobias Meng.

The day began smoothly with a late breakfast and the workshop on MDG 3 (gender equality). Among other things, the workshop brought up a very interesting discussion on discrimination and social norms, that once again showed how much the Indian members of our group contribute to this trip when they remind us every now and then of our European way of thinking.

The afternoon was then dedicated to the last of our MDG workshops, namely environmental sustainability. We learned about the environmental impact of our lifestlye and discussed topics ranging from integrated waste management to the compatibility of economic development and sustainable use and protection of natural ressources.

For the last part of the day, the organizers sent us out to interview Observatory locals on their perspective on South Africa and its challenges. Generally, some things seem to have changed since the end of Apartheid, while violence and unemployment seem to remain the most pressing issues. Collecting spontanous and unfiltered opinions of the locals was my personal highlight of the day.

We ended this relaxed day by a big pool classic, Germany vs. The Netherlands. Obviously at a local pool-bar here in Observatory. Germany devasted their scarily weak opponents in the second match.


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