Day 10 – In the wake of the explorers

Written by Marzena Gawenda.

Happy to be sleeping a bit longer than the last days, especially after last night’s wild African dances, we started this Sun(ny)day brimming with the anticipation of exploring the Cape Peninsula.

The first stop was Muizenberg, a small city with white beaches meeting majestic mountains and emerald waters sprinkled with dark, moving creatures – surfers enjoying the waves. A few brave among us felt the urge to dive into the ocean and did so screaming with unrestrained joy, while others preferred to admire the ocean from the distance, eagerly looking out for sharks that would certainly spice up the day. If you, dear reader, are interested – none of the sea predators showed up, disappointing some of the spectators.

Afterwards, the Kalk Bay little fishing harbor awaited us, with its fish stands, fisherman boats, seals and big waves splashing loudly against the nearby rocks. Most of us topped the visit by having a delicious fish while enjoying the sea view.

The next stop of our trip was Cape Point – the twisting and turning road was offering spectacular views, but none of us would probably imagine experiencing a traffic jam caused by… a baboon! When we finally reached the most southwestern tip of the Peninsula, a short hike up the hill where the new lighthouse is located, and there we were, dazzled by the breathtaking, awe-inspiring birds’ eye view over endless blue waters of the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean. One word: WOW!

On our way back we shortly stopped at Hout Bay, with its poor households on one side of the mountain standing in big contrast with lush, posh villas on the other side (the unverified rumor says George Clooney has his property there…). Another striking proof of disparities in South Africa.

With the wind in our hair, sun and a few drops of rain on the skin due to the quickly changeable Capetownian weather, we arrived back to our ‘home away from home’, delighted to have witnessed the amazing beauty of South African nature, some heading for a stand-up comedy in Obz Café to top this soothing day with a couple of good laughs.

Get a fuller overview of the wonders of Cape Peninsula:


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