Day 1 – The long way to Cape Town

Written by Milan Padilla.

It was a very long way to Cape Town for all of us. We met all together at the international airport in Frankfurt. The flight to Cape Town had a stop in Istanbul and later in Johannesburg.
Excitement kept growing when we could see on the inflight screen that we are slowly leaving Europe and we were flying over Turkey, Kenya etc.

We arrived first in Johannesburg for a refuel stop and reached our final destination another two hours later. Christian, who had already spent over a month in Cape Town in order to prepare the Case Study Trip warned us about how bad the weather was. We were more to happy to be welcomed by warm and sunny weather all day long. Cape Town airport was very calm on that Friday. A cool and refreshing breeze came when we left the hall and entered the bus to our hostel.

Our accommodation is far more beautiful than anything we could have expected. We will spend the next two weeks in Observatory. Observatory is a part of Cape Town located three metro stations east of the city center. It is frequented by students since it is very close to the medical campus.

In the Riverside Lodge (though there is no river close by) we have rooms for 3-4 people and a number of common rooms. Palms outside of the house add to the relaxed atmosphere. It’s certainly a good place to relax after a long day out.

During the rest of the day we went outside and had a look around the whereabouts. We were all more than grateful that the facilitators meant to give us a smooth start to the trip. Our first impressions are scarce but this is going to change with each day. We all hope that we will be able to grasp what South Africa is like.


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