Programme in Cape Town

The actual programme is still in the making, that is why so far you will find the general strategy. By early october you will find a report with links and timetables so you can follow our efforts.

Our strategy is focussed on active citizenship. During the case study trip we will engage with NGOs and community-based organisations working on specific aspects of the MDGs, e.g. primary education, polio immunization and women’s health. We will complement their efforts in the field with the contribution of our participants, who will work as volunteers in their projects for the duration of their stay. Not only will this contribution increase visibility of local actors, but also ensure the basis for sustainable cooperation in the future.

With regard to logistics we are partnering with the Agency for Refugee Education, Skills Training & Advocacy (ARESTA). Costs related to the lodging, meals, subsistence costs and transport refunds will be covered by AEGEE-Europe through the amount granted to this activity by the Youth in Action Programme of the European Commission.

The implemented activities will comprise
– discussion rounds and debates among European, Indian and South African youths
– workshops and non-formal education activities
– visits to different NGOs based in Cape Town
– field trips
– cultural activities


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