Postscriptum – South Africa and Beyond

Written by Christian Eichenmüller, one of the main organisers of the Case Study Trip to South Africa

The great moments stand out against unprecedented challenges. It seemed an impossible thing to do only a few months ago. Now several dozen European, Indian and South African students can go through their memories of two unforgettable weeks in Cape Town. Given the circumstances and the extraordinary difficulties that we were confronted with in the run-up to the event this outcome surpassed all expectations: a group of young people from very different backgrounds becoming friends, aspiring for a better – more just – world and now taking joint steps.

These two weeks in South Africa’s Western Cape Province have certainly left their mark in the lives of those involved. For some it was their first time in an intriguing, unknown environment. For others it was the logical next step in their personal development. Confusion was what some of them were
longing for, because confusion also means learning. South Africa offered valuable insight into the MDGs framework, but it also allowed those involved to put forward a case for a better future.

We are curious to see, hear about and witness the follow-up measures by this highly motivated bunch of idealists.


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